“I recently used the services of MD Film Consultants, and as producer and director of the project , I am very happy with both their level of professionalism and their ability to interact with the subjects of the film (which including children, teens and parents) in a friendly, patient and respectful manner.

Besides working with me in pre- and post-production, MD Consultant’s doctor actually came to our set and worked with us live as we shot a very large, complicated pilot requiring immediate, on-the-spot advice and evaluations.  The doctor was an invaluable asset to both myself and the production.

I will definitely be using the services of MD Consultants again on any future projects requiring the advice of a medical professional.”

Shapour Daneshmand
Digital Content Creator

In 2009, I was involved in a multi-award-winning film, The Desperate, written and directed by Ben-Hur Sepehr and starring Peter Mark Richman, Greg Mullavey, Alexander Leeb, and Josie DiVincenzo.  The story takes place at a German concentration camp during World War II and involves a wounded soldier who needs urgent medical attention. 

The medical scenes and elements were very important to the narrative and it was very crucial to get all the details right in a short amount of time due to logistical and time constraints.  Based on a recommendation of a colleague, we enlisted the services of MD Film Consultants.

MD Film Consultants were very useful before and during the production.  They were always reachable via phone and email during the planning stage. They came to the set during the principle photography and worked closely with the cast and crew to ensure the medical elements were accurate and proper while maintaining historical accuracy of the film’s time and space.

MD Film Consultants were also available during the post production phase via phone and email and also visited our editing facilities a number of times at every milestone.

Based on the experience of working on this film project with MD Film Consultants, I feel very confident in recommending them for any project that requires professional medical advice.  I will definitely be using MD Film Consultant services for future projects.

The Desperate has won over 40 awards internationally and been critically acclaimed by many film critics and respected filmmakers. 


Ramin Rahmanpour
Co-Producer / Editor
“The Desperate”

“At First, my friend suggested to use his uncle’s doctor for the show…it didn’t go anywhere. He was nice, but didn’t want to come to the set…the doctor from MD Film Consultants actually came to the set even though he had a very busy schedule….”

“The doctors from MD film Consultants helped us with our topic and the brainstorming….we needed a complex medical problem for our scenario….the script turned out to be a GREAT!!!”

“These guys just have a vast amount of knowledge…in any area of medicine…”