Welcome To MD Film Consultants

Looking for a DOCTOR to review your script so it sounds professional and precise? How about a DOCTOR to come to the set to ensure everything the actors do and say look real?

Welcome to MDFilmConsultants.com – where you get Answers from Experts. If you need a qualified medical professional to act as a film consultant on your film or tv project, then you’ve come to the right place!

MD Film Consultants was founded by a team of Expert Medical Doctors that have always been interested in “delivering the right kind of medicine” to films and TV shows, just like they would to their own patients. If the “correct treatment” is not provided to a patient, the patient may die and if the “right language” is not applied to a script, the script suffers and the film may die. Our founder has years of experience as a film consultant to the movie and tv industry. We want to not only ensure that your medical writing is accurate, but also make your scenes look real either on television or on the big screen.

Contact us for any of the following film consulting services:

- If you need expert advise from a doctor on a medical project so your writing is more accurate

- If you need a doctor to come to your set as a film consultant, to guide and train your actors so the scene looks real.

- If you need an exciting topic for a project on any area of medicine… contact us now!

Hire Us As Your Film Consultant

MDFilmconsultants consists of a multi-specialty group of DOCTORS and other professionals who are Experts in their fields and are Affiliated with many Hospitals and Medical Centers.  Most also have Faculty Appointments at Prestigious Universities. We give you exactly what you need: people that are proficient in their respected areas and acquire the ability to give you the ultimate recommendation with the most Accuracy and Precision. What’s even more important is that we can come to the site as a film consultant and oversee the shoot with you.

The Film Consultant Script Doctors…

A script doctor is a highly-skilled writer that is brought in to polish up a film or tv script. At MD Film Consultants, we work exclusively in our area of expertise – advice on plots that require medical knowledge or jargon. Our doctors are experts in their respective fields and are still practicing, so you can be sure that your dialogue is technically accurate and precise.